About me

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Aleta and I was Born and raised in Brick City NJ…. also known as Newark. I looooooove my city to life!!! But I’m now living a peaceful life in the burbs….

I am an at peace divorced mother of 2 wonderful children, 26 and 16years old…. also love them to life!!!

I’ve been at my day job for 23 years. Through out the time I’ve learned more every day how life can pass you by. I mean 23 years of my life gone and no true legacy built. I became so wrapped up in my work I forgot who I am and what I love. So herein this blog I will explore the things that make me feel alive.

I prefer all things beauty and all things style. And yes, purple is my favorite color. How could anyone go through life and not notice the color purple?

My creative life, things I enjoy, my thoughts, what motivates me and my lifestyle is what I want to share. I now relish the beauty in this world and intend to share a better lifestyle…… in purple.

So here in this blog I will be rediscovering me and hopefully you will go along for the ride.

One more thing…,I love being social and I hope you will email me, request me and follow me on Instagram.

Thanks and remember…. LIBIP 💜

Email: Longnails29@aol.com

Facebook: Aleta Ashley

Instagram: @purplestyle & @styleispurple_1


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