50……Chapter One

Life. It can pass you by, chew, swallow and spit you out unless you grab it by the balls and make it your bitch. For years I have been encouraging my (very, very few) friends to be entrepreneurs. In todays world, the world of the social media influencers, I have talked at length about creating a lane in social media for for yourself. While I encouraged others, I would not utilize my own advice for myself…. Until now.

I have been in my line of work for 25years and as time went on it became more and more apparent that as heard as I worked I was getting no where. I’ve had this hidden feeling that I am more than I have become, that I am a part of something way bigger.

Been on earth For 50 years and I looked, unconsciously of course, for the same encouragement from others to just start the journey into being the me that I was born to be. Sadly, I did not get it. So I spent years working for some one else. During this time I was fed lies about working for others would get me to where I want to be in this life. It hasn’t helped me be who I am supposed to be. What my experience has done is provided me excellent ability to suppress my desires, suppress my wants and needs in life. Phuck all that, tho…..

I woke up on the first day of the rest of my life which happened ton be the day I turned 50 and felt so good. Words cannot explain it!!!!! It was Euphoric!!! I no longer feel bound by the “rules of this world” and by bosses that say things to keep you coming back everyday, scaring you into thinking that you must be and do what “they” say be or do o be successful in life. No more of that bull shit me !!!!! Who is “they” anyway????

Phuck it…..I will not be silencedSo, since that time I woke up with an idea (all great things start with an idea) I have been working frivolously searching for content for women running through their life, with dormant style; sexy, timeless style. I want to inspire us all not to be afraid to exist in a world that wants us to disappear.

My idea. my power has laid dormant until I woke with a spark. I hate having to disguise my power, my strength, my ability to influence others. No longer will my power be taken from me. and so, on my 50th birth anniversary, I made a decision to jump into what is my hearts desire, creating a style space for people like me. I hope you all will play along with me in the sand box.

I jumped…………………….


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